Cecile Richards, the CEO of the world's largest abortion business called "Planned Parenthood", claims that recent videos are the result of "anti-abortion" militants efforts to discredit the world's largest abortion provider. I do hope Ms. Richards took time to view the entire footage of videos released, which are available in unedited form. Today the Center [...]

From being overjoyed that some one might have done us a favor to bewilderment at the damage inflicted upon our lawn - such was my morning today. Let me also add that I LOVE Buffalo. I love Lovejoy. I love our neighbors. I HATE the gross incompetence of some of the city officials. Who are [...]

In the span of last two or three days this blog has received over 30,000 comments on the various posts. Fortunately most of them went into moderation queue. However it was not so easy to get rid of them all. In addition if you were subscribed to comments on any of the particular posts of [...]

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