On the day 3 of making our sourdough starter you should barely notice any bubbles or unusual activity in your starter. If you see lots of bubbles just ignore it and continue on with the feeding as shown in the video bellow. Because of inadequate pH level int he mixture some other than yeast bacteria may temporarily take over- and may look like you got a good starter because of many bubbles. Generally it would be too soon to achieve a vibrant enough starter to use in a recipe. Don’t repeat my mistakes! You really need to be patient for another day or two to see the proper results. Enjoy and as always, ask you questions in the comments below the video.

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The #IceBucketChallenge With A Twist

I really like the idea of the so called "ice bucket challenge". But where is the challenge in pouring a bucket of an ice cold water in August, when it's 80°F outside? Specially if you are from Buffalo, NY! I waiting for December or January - or at least for the first day of bellow [...]

Sourdough Starter for Prosphora and Bread – Day 2

On the day two of your sourdough starter making process, about 24 hours since you made your mixture, add another table spoon of each flour and water to the mixture. Your mixture should not exhibit any unusual activity, if it does just ignore it and proceed adding the flour and water as shown in the video [...]

Sourdough Starter for Prosphora and Bread – Day 1

Not too long ago, I shared a recipe on Orthodox Christian Cooking Show on how I make my prosphora using sourdough starter. Today I am starting another series of videos on how to make your very own sourdough starter using nothing but flour and water- in such a way making this sourdough starter suitable for [...]

Few Thoughts About Prosphora

After making the most recent episode for Orthodox Christian Cooking Show on how to make sourdough prosphora, I realized I omitted some details which have become of concern to some who some who watched the video. First let me say the following., the prosphora we use today for the Divine Litrugy does not look the [...]