Even as Planned Parenthood tried to stop the release of the videos by the Center For Medical Progress, today another video “featuring” Planned Parenthood is released. This time it is evident that babies that born alive during the abortion are consider a “intact specimen”. How much more evil can this get? Click here to sign the petition to stop the funding of Planned Parenthood using the taxpayers money.

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More Videos Surface On Planned Parenthood Selling Aborted Baby Parts. Will You Stay Silent?

Cecile Richards, the CEO of the world's largest abortion business called "Planned Parenthood", claims that recent videos are the result of "anti-abortion" militants efforts to discredit the world's largest abortion provider. I do hope Ms. Richards took time to view the entire footage of videos released, which are available in unedited form. Today the Center [...]

My AdvoCare 24 Days Challenge

The numbers speak for themselves. I am not happy about my numbers. Have not been for quiet some time. The numbers I am referring to of course have to do with my weight. I took the below picture few days ago just for this post, and once I realized that the picture was out of [...]

Sourdough Starter for Prosphora and Bread – Day 3

On the day 3 of making our sourdough starter you should barely notice any bubbles or unusual activity in your starter. If you see lots of bubbles just ignore it and continue on with the feeding as shown in the video bellow. Because of inadequate pH level int he mixture some other than yeast bacteria [...]

The #IceBucketChallenge With A Twist

I really like the idea of the so called "ice bucket challenge". But where is the challenge in pouring a bucket of an ice cold water in August, when it's 80°F outside? Specially if you are from Buffalo, NY! I waiting for December or January - or at least for the first day of bellow [...]