Forty years ago the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision making abortion legal in this country. This week in Washington DC hundreds of thousands of people will gather to show their opposition to the greatest injustice ever perpetrated against human race. An injustice that ended 55,881,593 innocent human lives in this country alone. Worldwide statistics are even [...]

The first petition in the first litany in the Divine Liturgy of the Orthodox Church is concerned with "peace". In fact there are three petition about peace int he first litany of the Divine Liturgy. So what is that peace? Is it an absence "turmoil'" in our lives? Or is it a dynamic and creative force? What and where is the [...]

In the 10th chapter of the Matthew's gospel we have a wonderful account of disciples being commissioned (aka send out) by Jesus to heal the sick and to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom of God. Some translation of the 27 verse read: "and what you hear whispered, proclaim upon the rooftops". So this [...]