Making Sourdough Starter From Scratch (Day 2)

Before I let you watch the second video on how to make sourdough starter, I need to clarify a few things.

Why pineapple juice?
You can try and make your starter using plain water. Filtered water to be correct, if you attempt to use the tap water, the level of chlorine maybe be too high. Pineapple juice seems to have the perfect pH level to create friendly environmental for the wild east to “wake up” start feeding on the sugars in the flour and begin to multiply. If you want to be purist you can try making the starter using just water and flour, but I am not a sourdough police and I certainly will not tell on you.

Why whole wheat flour?
I had most success in making a sourdough starter using whole wheat flour or ray flour. I think it is simply because the whole wheat flour or ray flour are the least processed flours therefore they may have a nigher presence of wild east in them.Again you can use all purpose flour. I generally start my starter with whole wheat flour and after I get my starter going I begin to feed it with all purpose white flour.

Also, after the second step, I let the mixture sit for 48 hours, stirring it occasionally. So there will be no video on the third day of the process.

Now here is the video. Enjoy!

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  • Fhedzisani Feb 26, 2013, 9:02 pm

    Thanks for accepting my stpocribuisn. Spent the morning following the various threads I think that I will enjoy this in the future also: been making various Sourdough Recipes for many (35) + years. My wood stove seemed to produce the best environment for both starter, and final product!