Roe v Wade: 40 Years of Great Injustice

Lament of RachelForty years ago the Supreme Court handed down a landmark decision making abortion legal in this country. This week in Washington DC hundreds of thousands of people will gather to show their opposition to the greatest injustice ever perpetrated against human race. An injustice that ended 55,881,593 innocent human lives in this country alone. Worldwide statistics are even more abominable. Abortion has taken away more lives than any wars combined – since 1980 abortion claimed 1.2 billion lives worldwide.

Abortion is one of the worst spiritual wounds the world has ever suffered. Today I kneel in prayer for all the innocent children lost because of abortion, for all the mothers and fathers, siblings and grandparents wounded and hurt by the abortion and it’s aftermath. And I humbly ask you to do the same.

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