City Of Buffalo Destroyed Our Church Lawn

From being overjoyed that some one might have done us a favor to bewilderment at the damage inflicted upon our lawn – such was my morning today.

Let me also add that I LOVE Buffalo. I love Lovejoy. I love our neighbors.

I HATE the gross incompetence of some of the city officials. Who are in charge of hire of incompetent contractors and subcontractors. Why? Because very often this incompetence results not only in waste of taxpayers money, but also in damage to the private, and I am most certain to public property.

Case in point. Next to our church we have an empty lot (empty, not abandoned). According to my neighbors, on Friday, tracks with “City of Buffalo” signs parked next to our property ans began to mow destroy our lawn. The blades on the lawnmowers were adjusted so low that it “scalped” the grass with the dirt in many places. The damage is in the several thousands of dollars which our small church family would be happy to spend towards our Soup Kitchen.

Even the police officers were bewildered at what they saw. A very special thank you to Officer Alberti for his kind help in advising me what to do.

I know it might have been a mistake. But the destruction of the lawn points to complete incompetence buy the subcontractor and negligence by the same. Doing the jobs like that will certainly destroy their equipment, but unfortunately our lawn is not the last one they will damage in the process.

I hope to get attention of the city officials. Mayor Brown??? Mr. Fontana? Our church can be spending money doing some good for the community instead of trying to fix misdoings like this.

Bellow the pictures is the video that I posted to my Facebook Account earlier today. Feel free to make your voice hear in the comments bellow or on my Facebook Page.

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