The #IceBucketChallenge With A Twist

I really like the idea of the so called “ice bucket challenge”. But where is the challenge in pouring a bucket of an ice cold water in August, when it’s 80°F outside? Specially if you are from Buffalo, NY! I waiting for December or January – or at least for the first day of bellow freezing temperature outside. Will you join me?

I will also donate to Cell Therapy Foundation instead of ALSA. You see, ALSA favors embryonic stem cell research, which, in my opinion, is morally unacceptable. Should ALSA in future change their stand on embryonic stem cell research I will be happy to donate to them as well.

I am challenging every one who reads this or watches my video to join me today in your support of Cell Therapy Foundation – you can designate your donation to a specific area of research. And of course if you are not afraid, join me in December…. Hmmm is there a way to predict the coldest day of the upcoming winter? :)

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